Falafel Pita     11                                                                                   smoked eggplant. arugula. walnuts. feta. sumac onions. green s'hug
Chicken Shawarma Pita     12
   roasted cabbage. anaheim chile. red onion. tahina
Lamb Saniya Pita    13
   Tomatoes. caramelized onions. red s’hug


Shalom Y'all Plate     14
   falafel. hummus. freekah tabouleh salad. labneh. tahina. pita
Shakshuka**   12
   baked eggs. tomatoes. peppers
   add lamb merguez sausage     3
   add feta     1
Fried Chicken    14                                                                        aleppo pepper. honey                                                                    Baharat Chicken Kebab      14                         
   rice. lentils. fried onions. parsley.                                                     Nazareth Lamb Kebabs     16
   freekeh salad. tahina. sumac onions. burnt cinnamon
MEC Lamb Chops      16/32
   oregano. garlic. lemon                                                              Yemenite Chicken Soup   12                                                                  green s'hug. grilled bread


MEC Pickles     5
   cauliflower. carrot. cucumber. turnip
Israeli Pita & S'hug     5
 Mejadara    8
   rice. lentils. fried onion
Hawaij Spiced Fries     6
   dill. tahina. s'hug

** to be enjoyed while dining in only 



Warm Castelvetrano Olives     5
   olive oil. bay leaf.
Freekah Tabouleh Salad     10
   pomegranate seeds. celeriac. herbs. apples. sumac
MEC Radicchio Salad       12                                                      cherries. parsley. yogurt dressing                                                        Fennel Salad     9
   candied pecans. tarragon. grilled lemon vinaigrette
Braised Greens     8
   garlic. turmeric. lemon. chili flake


served with pita

Smoked Eggplant     9
   yogurt. tahina. mint. walnut. spinach
Muhamara     9
   roasted pepper. walnuts. pomegranate molasses. pomegranate
Labneh     10
   housemade yogurt cheese. fried cauliflower. za'atar
Hummus Abu Hassan     10
   tahina. chickpeas. parsley. lemon
Hummus Pitriyot     12
   maitake mushrooms. garlic. dill. paprika
Hummus Sephardic Lamb     14
   braised lamb. carrots. green chickpeas. parsley



Shalom~ A salutation meaning hello, goodbye and peace
Y’all~ Everyone
Salatim~ Israeli salads and appetizers
S’hug~ Middle Eastern hot sauce
Labneh~ House made yogurt cheese
Za’atar~ Syrian oregano and sesame seed spice mix
Savta~ Grandmother
Abu Hassan~ A tiny restaurant in Jaffa known for its hummus
Shawarma~ A Levantine meat preparation, slowly grilled with garlic
Saniya~ Ground spiced lamb cooked in tahina
MEC~ Mediterranean Exploration Company, our sister
restaurant operated by Chef Kasey Mills and
John Gorham, MEC is on Team Ron
Shalom Y’all~ Welcome and peace to you all, and it's also the logo from Ron’s family horse ranch in Israel, Vered Hagalil