10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday
117 SE Taylor


House Yogurt with Mango & Banana 8
coconut flake
Egyptian Doughnuts 8
fresh figs. whipped labneh. fig syrup
Malawach with Honey Peaches 8
labneh. smoked salt
Buckwheat Crepes 8
tahini cream. banana. shaved chocolate


Warm Castelvetrano Olives 6
olive oil. bay leaf
MEC Fennel Salad     
   candied pecans. tarragon. grilled lemon vinaigrette
Sababa Salad     9
mixed greens. kohlrabi. radish. red onion. fresh herbs 


served with pita
Roasted Eggplant     11
   mint. sea salt
Labneh     13
   house made yogurt cheese. fried artichokes
Roasted Beet Tahina 11
dill. black sesame. olive oil
Hummus & Pine Nuts     13
   parsley. aleppo pepper
Hummus “Pitriyot”     14
   maitake mushrooms. dill. paprika
Hummus Sephardic Lamb     16
   braised lamb. carrots. green chickpeas. parsley


Falafel Pita     13
    feta. smoked eggplant. parsley. walnuts
Chicken Shawarma Pita     14
   cabbage. anaheim pepper. red onion. tahina
“Minute Steak” Pita     14
   shaved hanger steak. kale slaw. red s’hug. tahina

Shakshukas & eggs**

“Khachapuri” Georgian Cheese-Filled Bread    13
   baked egg*. mozzarella. feta. dill
Shakshuka Yeruka
   braised greens. turmeric.
   radish & herb salad. baked eggs*
Shakshuka Royale     13
   fire roasted tomatoes & peppers. baked eggs*
   add lamb merguez sausage     4
   add feta     2
Heirloom Tomato Frittata 14
smoked s’hug butter. sheep’s cheese.
grilled bread
Hanger Steak with Oregano Chimichurri     22
   crispy potatoes. tahina. sunny egg*


Breakfast Y'all Plate     14
   za'atar eggs. beef bacon. crispy potatoes. challah toast*  
Baharat Chicken Kebab     16
   rice. lentils. fried onions. paprika. lemon     
Roasted Chicken Salad     15
   israeli couscous. cucumber. almonds. green apple.
chickpeas. fresh herbs. tahini. green s’hug vinaigrette
MEC Lamb Chops     20/40
   oregano. garlic. lemon*
Shalom Y’all Plate     15
   falafel. hummus. labneh. tahina.
chop salad. pita                                                
Shawarma Spiced Fried Cauliflower 12
   hummus. chickpeas. arugula. cured lemon. 
8 minute egg 2 


Roasted Padrons 10
whipped feta. urfa. paprika lemon
Heirloom Tomatoes with Rosehip Harissa 11
tahina. herbs. sunflower seeds. aleppo pepper
Challah Toast
   date syrup. butter or tahini
Beef Bacon    4
Crispy Potatoes & Garlic     6
Olive Oil Fried Eggs & Za'atar*     6
Israeli Pita & S’hug     6
Falafel     6
   tahina. s’hug
Lemon Zest Fries     8
   beet ketchup. horseradish yogurt
Mejadara 11
rice. lentils. fried onions



Shalom~ A salutation meaning hello, goodbye and peace
Y’all~ Everyone
MEC~ Mediterranean Exploration Company is our sister restaurant operated by Chef Kasey Mills and John Gorham. MEC is on Team Ron
Shalom Y’all~ Welcome and peace to you all, and it's also the logo from Ron’s family horse ranch in Israel, Vered Hagalil               
Salatim~ Israeli salads and appetizers
Za'atar~ Syrian oregano and sesame seed spice mix
Sababa~ Cool
Mezze~ A appetizer
Muhammara~ A traditional hot pepper dip orginating from Aleppo, Syria
Labneh~ House made yogurt cheese
Masabaha~ Arabic for swimming. A popular variation on hummus.
Pitriyot~ Mushroom or cap
Sephardic~ Of the subculture that originates from  Spain
S'hug~ Middle Eastern hot sauce
Falafel~ A deep-fried ball made of ground chickpeas
Shawarma~ A Levantine meat preparation, slowly grilled with garlic
Harissa~ North African chili paste
Ya'rok~ Green
Shakshuka~ An arabic dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onions & spices
Safayech~ Grilled stuffed pita bread