happy hour



Warm Castelvetrano Olives    4
olive oil. bay leaf
Hawaij Spiced Fries    5
dill. tahina. red s’hug
Labneh    8
fried cauliflower. za’atar
Hummus Abu Hassan    8
tahina. chickpeas. parsley. lemon
Falafel Pita    9
feta. smoked eggplant. arugula. walnuts
                                                                                               Chicken Shawarma Pita   11                                                                                                                                                                                         roasted cabbage. anaheim chile                                                                                                   Lamb Saniya Pita    12
tomato. caramelized onions. pickles. red s’hug


Turkish Delight Slushy    8
shalom limoncello. ceylon tea. lemon. orange blossom water
Bar Spritzvah    8
blackberry manischewitz. cocchi. americano. lime. bubbles
Icicle    5
carlsberg pilsner. float of turkish delight slushy
Glass of Draft Beer    3

Eight Dollar Wines

Sparkling. NV Cune, Brut, Cava, ES
White. 2016 Torricino, Falanghina, IT
Rosé. J. Christopher, MEC Rosé, OR
Red. 2016 Gilgal. Cabernet Sauvignon


Shalom~ A salutation meaning hello, goodbye and peace
Y’all~ Everyone
Salatim~ Israeli salads and appetizers
S’hug~ Middle Eastern hot sauce
Labneh~ House made yogurt cheese
Za’atar~ Syrian oregano and sesame seed spice mix
Savta~ Grandmother
Abu Hassan~ A tiny restaurant in Jaffa known for its hummus
Shawarma~ A Levantine meat preparation, slowly grilled with garlic
Saniya~ Ground spiced lamb cooked in tahina
MEC~ Mediterranean Exploration Company, our sister restaurant operated by Chef Kasey Mills and John Gorham, MEC is on Team Ron
Shalom Y’all~ Welcome and peace to you all, and it's also the logo from Ron’s family horse ranch in Israel, Vered Hagalil