11am-3pm Mon-Fri
117 SE Taylor


MEC Fennel Salad     9
   candied pecans. tarragon. grilled lemon vinaigrette
Greens and Grains     10
   mixed greens. radish. 3 freekehs. fresh herbs.
   sunflower seeds. egg*
   add feta:     +2


   served with pita
Roasted Eggplant     9
   mint. sea salt
Muhammara     9  
   roasted red peppers. walnuts. pomegranate molasses
Labneh     11 
   house made yogurt cheese. fried artichokes
Hummus "Pitriyot"     13     
maitake mushrooms. dill. paprika   
Hummus & Pine Nuts     12 
   parsley. aleppo pepper                                   
Hummus Sephardic Lamb     14   
   braised lamb. carrots. green chickpeas. parsley            


Falafel Pita     11
   feta. smoked eggplant. parsley. walnuts
Chicken Shawarma Pita     12     
   cabbage. anaheim pepper. red onion. tahina
“Minute Steak” Pita     13
   shaved hanger steak. kale slaw.
   red s’hug. tahina


Shakshuka Royale**     16
   fire roasted tomatoes & peppers. lamb merguez sausage.
   baked eggs* 
Shalom Y’all Plate     14    
   falafel. hummus. freekeh tabbouleh. labneh. tahina. pita   
Israeli Lamb Carnitas     15   
   cucumber salad. tahina. cured lemon. aleppo pepper
Baharat Chicken Kebab     14   
   rice. lentils. fried onions. paprika. lemon
Nazareth Kebab     16   
   beef. lamb. freekeh salad. tahina. sumac onions*
MEC Lamb Chops     16/32    
   oregano. garlic. lemon*


Israeli Pita & S’hug     5
Israeli Pita & Hummus     8
Falafel     5    
   tahina. s'hug     
Lemon Zest Fries     7     
   beet ketchup. horseradish yogurt


Malabi     8   
   rhubarb. almond crumble
Challah Bread Pudding     10   
   chocolate tahini. walnuts. sour cream ice cream




Shalom Mary     10
   sobieski vodka or m.e.c. oregon arak.
   tomato. preserved lemon. rose petal harissa.
   calabrian chili. pickles. za’atar salt
Arak n’ Juice     9
   m.e.c. oregon arak. grapefruit. mint
Lemonarak     12
   m.e.c. oregon arak. lemon. pomegranate.
   st. germain. orzata. mint. crushed ice.
Rose of Galilee     10
   sobieski vodka. moroccan citrus honey.
   lemon. scrappy's black lemon bitters. bubbles
Ayran Gin Fizz     10
   beefeater gin. lemon.
   m.e.c. yogurt. soda. orange oil
Sumac Collins     10
   aria gin. shalom sumac soda. lemon
Manischewitz Daiquiri     10
   casa magdalena rum. lime.
   blackberry manischewitz. demerara


Seasonal Agua Fresca     5
Smith Tea. Kandy. Mao Feng Shui. Meadow     4
Moroccan Mint Tea hot or iced     4
French Press     4
Turkish Coffee     6
Shalom Sodas sumac or ginger     5
Orange or Grapefruit Juice 6 oz.     4
Bottled Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, or Sprite 8oz     3
Vichy Catalan Sparkling Mineral Water, ES 1 liter     6


Turkish Delight Slushy     10
   shalom limoncello. ceylon tea. lemon.
    reagan's orange bitters. orange blossom water
Limonana Slushy     6
   lemon. mint
   add booze: vodka, mezcal, or arak     +6


Carlsberg. Pilsner. DK     6
Gilgamesh Brewing. Turkish Coffee Stout. OR     6
Wayfinder Brewing. Flower in the Kettle IPA. OR     6


12 oz.
Gilgamesh Brewing. Classic Lager. OR     4
Everybody's Brewing. Extra Special Tasty. WA     5
Shiner. Bock. TX 5
Stillwater Artisanal. On Fleek Imperial Stout. MD     8
Evil Twin Brewing. Tropical ‘Itch Passion Fruit     9
Berliner Weisse. NY
Reverand Nat's. Revival Apple Cider. OR     6
2 Towns Ciderhouse. Ginja Ninja Cider. OR     6



Shalom~ A salutation meaning hello, goodbye and peace
Y’all~ Everyone
MEC~ Mediterranean Exploration Company is our sister restaurant operated by Chef Kasey Mills and John Gorham. MEC is on Team Ron
Shalom Y’all~ Welcome and peace to you all, and it's also the logo from Ron’s family horse ranch in Israel, Vered Hagalil               
Salatim~ Israeli salads and appetizers
Za'atar~ Syrian oregano and sesame seed spice mix
Sababa~ Cool
Mezze~ A appetizer
Muhammara~ A traditional hot pepper dip orginating from Aleppo, Syria
Labneh~ House made yogurt cheese
Masabaha~ Arabic for swimming. A popular variation on hummus.
Pitriyot~ Mushroom or cap
Sephardic~ Of the subculture that originates from  Spain
S'hug~ Middle Eastern hot sauce
Falafel~ A deep-fried ball made of ground chickpeas
Shawarma~ A Levantine meat preparation, slowly grilled with garlic
Harissa~ North African chili paste
Ya'rok~ Green
Shakshuka~ An arabic dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onions & spices
Safayech~ Grilled stuffed pita bread