Toro Bravo

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Toro Bravo Cookbook


From a beloved Portland restaurant comes a cookbook brimming with irreverent stories and nearly a hundred Spanish-inspired recipes.

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"These guys make Portland one of the most exciting restaurant cities in the world today."
--Mario Batali

"Toro Bravo is the amazing story of a man's life and the building of a great restaurant. I loved it."
--Gus Van Sant

"Here in Portland, Toro Bravo carves an uncommon niche—simultaneously adventurous and comfort- ing. This cookbook, like the restaurant itself, tells the story of one restless spirit’s search for home. These are recipes you’ll want to both cherish and share."
--Carrie Brownstein, creator of Portlandia

"John Gorham is a chef with a unique personality; he is magic. In his book Toro Bravo, he puts all his passion and soul into sharing Spanish cuisine with Americans. I'm certain both professional chefs and home cooks will love it."
--Ferran Adrià, Head Chef at Elbulli